Collagenta Review : Marine Skin Care Ingredients For Skin Restoration

CollagentaSkinCareFreeTrialA lot of lifestyle factors such as not getting enough sleep or smoking and drinking alcohol, etc also result in wrinkles.  So,  working on inclusion of better lifestyle habits such as regular diet, sleep, reduction in damaging factors (smoking, extreme climatic exposure, alcohol, etc) but the skin still needs extra pampering for the wrinkles. Collagenta Claims to provide all the nutrition necessary for skin restoration…find out about it in depth here.


This serum is for matured skin restoration that utilizes active ingredients such as Dead Sea minerals, etc. It is sold across United Kingdom and Canada through online orders and is stated to be useful for

  1. Decline in wrinkle (crease lines, fine lines, furrow lines, smile wrinkles, crow’s feet, etc ) depth, visibility
  2. Better nourishment with hydration for all skin types
  3. Reduction in skin blemishes like pigmentation, age spots, etc

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Who is it and is it not for?

It is for matured skin for normal, combination, dry and oily skin types. With its use, one can anticipate a spike in skin’s nourishment for regenerating the damaged skin. It should not be used directly on sensitive skin without a patch test. Vitamin A is used in the serum thus sensitive skin may get irritated due to it and women who have sensitive skin should patch-check prior to using it.

However, due to its ingredients, it is best suitable for oily and combination skin.


It is made from Dead Sea minerals, pure honey, Collagen and Vitamin A (Retinol)

How does Collagenta function?

  1. Dead Sea Minerals such as Magnesium are intensely nourishing for skin. These are strongly antibacterial nature in nature thus these facilitates better skin defense from the microbial deposits and further reduce pore clogging and control collagen loss.
  2. Retinol is the regenerating vitamin A that controls wrinkles. This vitamin has Procollagen and Gycosaminogly which are directly responsible for developing hydration retention ability within skin.
  3. Collagen is the building block for elasticity of the skin and it is used in a stable and soluble form in the product. Its topical application allows boost in skin elasticity and suppleness.
  4. Pure Honeyhas potent healing, antimicrobial properties thus it’s application reduces the damage from the epidermis and lower layers.
  5. The antioxidants from the ingredients also strengthen skin’s defense against the free radical cells


  1. Skin cell rejuvenation
  2. Aging damage, dryness and wrinkles repair
  3. Collagen and hydration development
  4. Prevention from oxidative stress
  5. Reduced loss of natural collagen along with improved natural skin protection

How to use?

Cleanse face and neck and then pour a few Collagenta drops of on the fingertips and then apply gently on the face in round motions. Give it a few seconds to get full disappeared into skin.

Collagenta Pros

  1. Healthy dead sea minerals included in ingredients (With 100% pure honey)
  2. Completely natural (zero synthetics)
  3. Highly hydrating in nature, seals in the nourishment and keeps skin well moisturized for 5-8 hours with one application
  4. Manufactured safely and in certified labs
  5. Proper potency of ingredients included in the product
  6. Suitable for long term application to limit aging damage


  1. It is indeed hard to place an order without any online form filling
  2. It’s also very costly

Is it recommended?

Dead Sea minerals and pure Honey give the serum its strength as these are highly feasible ingredients for any women with wrinkles.  But the cost is too high so the confusion and question is whether the product is worth all this money?

The conclusion is a yes. Collagenta works best, even in short term on oily and combination skin. Its ingredients are nothing too special but it is the potency and functioning that makes it such a good skin care investment.

Word of caution

It has retinol which can irritate so never use it on inflamed area (pimple or rash).



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